Our Ministries

Liberty Christian School

At Liberty Christian School our goal has always been to operate using the highest standards in education and affordability for families and single parents. We have loving and caring Christian teachers to train and teach your children at the most affordable tuition possible. We have classes for children 2yrs -5th grade.


Children's Ministries

At Liberty Baptist Church, your child is important to us and we consider it a privilege to serve them in Christ's name. The Children's Ministry Team offers challenging ways to live for Christ through Bible study, discipleship, world missions, exciting activities, praise and worship. Whether your child is attending Sunday School or Super Church, we strive to glorify God and to help children come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We also work with and encourage parents to develop or maintain strong Christian families and values with their children.   We can't wait to see you!


Youth (Junior Varsity Grades 6-9)

Rooted and built up in Him... Colossians 2:6-7
Our prayer is that your student becomes independantly dependant on God. We desire them to love God and love others, and to live the principles found in God's word out in their lives. Activities and meetings are planned with this in mind. We want to encourage godly friendships and relationships as they navigate a me centered culture.




Youth (Varsity Grades 9-12)

We only have 2 Rulz! They are found in Matthew 22:36-40
1. We want to help teens develop a dynamic personal relationship with God.


2. We want teens to enjoy that relationship so much that they are compelled to share it with other teens.



Young Adult (Crossroads)

At Crossroads, you will find a Ministry with the purpose of reaching out to college age and young married adults. Here you will sense the heartbeat and excitement of a Christ-centered ministry deeply committed to evangelism and discipleship.
We have Bible centered teachings and topical lessons focusing on God's views of issues relative to today's culture.


Adult (Home Builders)

We are a class of married couples ranging in age from early 40’s - 60’s. If you are engaged to be married or have been divorced you are also invited & encouraged to attend our class as well. Perhaps you fall in our age category but your spouse is unsaved or doesn’t attend church with you. Please don't let that prevent you from joining our class.


Senior Adult (Berean Bible Study)

Through the study of God's Word, Sunday morning Bible study, men's and Women's Bible studies on Monday nights, our goal is to grow and be grounded in the faith.



Wisdom Warriors

Our senior adult ministry is a dynamic ministrydesigned to reach out to our seasoned citizens through many activities programs. Bob Megill leads this broadening ministry as we enjoy activities from movie nights, to day trips, to week long road trips and cruises. We encourage you to join us. If you are "50 or Wiser" please be sure to come be a part of this vital ministry.



Liberty Baptist Church offers a 10 week course in Biblical Discipleship. Instruction is done at a self pace, one-on-one, on your schedule to make it as convenient for you as possible. Once you have completed the course, you become the teacher. Teaching helps reinforce the skills that you have learned while at the same time giving you an opportunity to minister and disciple a new Christian.


Crown Financial

Crown's vision is to see the followers of Christ in every nation faithfully living by God's financial principles in every area of their lives. We believe that money is the language of the world, and God's word is the translation that leads to True Financial Freedom. Visit the Crown Financial website here.



Marketplace Ministry

We have been at the flea market 25 yrs. We have given out over 4.5 million Gospel tracts. We have led hundreds of people to the Lord! There is nothing more powerful than leading another person to Jesus Christ. It is a present day miracle. Everyday we are out there is a blessing!




Statement of Purpose
The CARE/CONCERN MINISTRY was founded in November 2000 to bet-ter meet the needs of the members and friends of Liberty Baptist Church, to draw our people together more as a “family” or a complete “body” unit to serve our Lord and Savior in a more effective way. The ultimate motive of this ministry is to win the lost to our Lord Jesus Christ and to encourage the saved to serve the Lord in whatev-er capacity He has called them, accord-ing to His will. In doing this, we hope to meet the needs of all those we serve to bring glory and honor to the Lord, our God.


World Missions

Welcome to our
World Missions Ministry

LIBERTY SUPPORTS 144 Missionaries and Mission Projects on 85 Mission Fields of the World.
• Each year we sponsor new churches in India, Haiti, Philippines, Africa and many other nations around the world.


• Over 1,600 churches have been started in our 47 year Ministry as we have supported our World-wide outreach from our church.


• Our Senior Pastor and Mrs. Lowe, visit our Missionaries and mission fields each year training national pastors and helping to expand the Lord's Church.


• Mission trips are planned yearly by our Missions Team. Members of our church family work in mission fields for short periods of time.


• Thousands come to the Lord each year and are brought into churches through crusades.


• We are the sending church for missionaries in the Ukraine, the Amazon, missions to state fairs and others. Their work involves outreach to orphanages, medical Clinics, Bible Colleges, and establishment of churches.


• Two examples of our mission ministries: Through our missionary families and major projects, over 200 churches have been started in the Philippines. We have started 40 churches in Haiti.


Below is a list of missionaries we currently support.

Naim Khoury - Israel

George King - Japan

Lloyd Baker - Philippines (Ret)

Ruth King - Japan

John Barnes - Costa Rica

Boyd Lyons - Philippines

Carlos Cabrera - Panama

Sam Marsonek - Alabama

Marc Blackwell - South Africa

Joshua Madasu - India

Michael Blackwell - South Africa

Ken Board - Japan

JJ Alderman - Togo

Rudolfo Brown - Costa Rica

Maudie Meek - Costa Rica

David Holland - Papua New Guinea

Sean Mullin - Africa

Scott Phillips - Indonesia

Donna Woodson- Nicaragua

Ralph Cheatwood - Albania

Mark Perdue - Costa Rica

Randy Alderman - Togo

Mrs. Seung Ja Purdum Lee - Korea

Joel Hartman - Brazil

Ray Crocker - Singapore

Jerry Daniels - Africa (Kenya)

Jon Flowers - Taiwan

Dinesh Chand - India

Doug Doan - Lithuania

Eric Hassler - Asia

Jim Smith - Africa (Zambia)

Genero Hernandez - Panama

Margie Smith - Mexico (Ret)

Dennis Ebert-National Pastors - Philippines

Lujean Stone - Hong Kong

Jack Turney-The Spoken Word - India

Ian Richards - Australia

William Vaughn - Africa

Tom Franklin - Dominican Republic

Richard Vick - South Africa (Ret)

Daniel Freeman - Taiwan

Brian Weed - Nicaragua

Daniel Freeman-National Pastors - Taiwan

Rafael Rodriguez - Panama

Restricted - China

Restricted - China

Kris Kolt - Poland

Howard Wynn - Philippines

Jon - Wynn - Philippines

Jon Steffy - New Zealand

Velza Siama - Myanmar

Wesley Lane - Dominican Republic

Will Lyon - Ecuador

Jerry Kinman - Guatemala

Corey Kershner - Taiwan

Rose Osborne - Brazil (Ret)

Richard Reddock - Wales (Ret)

Dennis Ebert - Philippines

Walter Silva - Uruguay

Keith Birginal - Philippines

Paul Heiers - Guatemala

Esteban Alvarez - Uruguay


Learn more about some of the missions that we support.


Bay Area Pregnancy Center


Suncoast Haven of Rest


Hope Children's Home